About Us


Hematec Investment Limited, is a private company with limited liability incorporated in the United Republic of Tanzania in year 2011 and dully registered by Tanzania Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) with Registration No. 81004.

Hematec Investment, implements various civil and building construction and maintenance works ranging from roads, dams, communication towers, railway track maintenance, building constructions and renovation, supply of building materials fumigations, printing and transportation logistics. We carry out these activities within and beyond Tanzania borders.


Our mission is to aim and achieve excellency,speed and quality and our vision is to be a leading local contractor in the construction industry in Tanzania.

Health, Safety and Environment

HEMATEC Investment Ltd is committed to providing a safe and health working place that is free from recognized hazards. The safety and health of our employees is one of the highest priorities of the company. It is the policy of this company that accident prevention will be given primary importance in all phases of operation and administration. Therefore, Management has developed this safety and health program to reduce injuries and illness that are so prevalent in construction.

Customer Service

Our achievement is largely geared up by determination in reaching customer satisfaction while ensuring best quality of work, undertaking feasibility study for requirement of mobile work infrastructure solutions and maintenance prior to implementation and having a flexible in terms of payments depending on bilateral agreement reached between us and our clients.

Quality Control and Assurance

Being an important aspect of a good project management Hematec envisage always to ensure a high level of quality control is up held in all of its projects. In this case Hematec does not subcontract any part of its project. However in special projects Hematec may enter into a joint venture relation with qualified contractors in the field so that a successful implementation is achieved.

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