Project information

Tender No. AE/092/2017/2018/KNDC/W/05 Upgrading of Kongwa Township Roads to Bituminous Standard awarded to Hematec Company at 16-01-2018. The project is under TARURA(Tanzania Rural And Urban Roads Agency) with main focus of Improvement of Township Roads for Standard Bituminous.

The project started immediately at 12th February 2018. Several steps were followed every step was carried out at the highest level until 3th August 2018. This project was completed with a high standard level.

Hematec wishes to take this opportunity to thank all employees who are involved in completing this project.


  • 1.Earthworks
    • Common excavation to spoil.
    • Improving subgrade by using G7 fill materials.
    • Preparing Sub Base layer by using G45 gravel materials.
    • Preparing Base layer by using stabilized materials (C1)
  • 2. Surfacing and Pavement
    • Priming by using MC 30.
    • Prepare and apply first and second seal coat surfaces..
  • 3. Structures
    • Construction of 900mm reinforced culvert (32 m)
    • Construction of 900mm reinforced culvert (42 m)


Client: TARURA(Tanzania Rural And Urban Roads Agency)
Location: Kongwa Township
Surface Area: More Than 10 KM
Completed: 3th August 2018.
Value: More than 300 million Tsh
Architect: Hematec



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